Hydraulic Tensioning Pump

Hydraulic Tensioning Pump

At Bolt Torque, we ensure that our clients receive tensioning and torquing rental tools that are properly maintained, regularly serviced and well calibrated. Hydraulic Tensioning Pumps are mainly used to accurately stretch bolts to the value that is suited to your project, and can be used successfully in a number of tensioning applications. Our Bolt Torque team is driven to ensuring that every task undertaken by our clients is done so in the safest and most effective possible way.

Precise tensioning allows for the simultaneous tightening of more than one bolt, with a sequenced connecting of tools thanks to a high pressure hose that is usually assembled to a single pump in order reach preload. With the Hydraulic Tensioning Pump available at Bolt Torque, one fixed displacement pump feeds fluid power to a hydraulic motor, spooling the cable. This 2000 bar oil pressure bolt tensioning application is at the forefront of torquing and tensioning technologies, and never compromises performance while running multiple tools. Additionally, Hydraulic Tensioning Pumps mean less downtime thanks for smooth operations that you can count on.

Hydraulic Tensioning Pumps can be used to tension bolts subsea, as a versatile solution that is also timeous. Hiring this tensioning pump is also useful to tension bolts on wind turbines and to tension bolts on heat exchangers, working for both straightforward and complex requirements. Available in varied configurations and easy to operate, clients have the option to either rent or purchase Hydraulic Tensioning Pumps and other torquing and tensioning tools directly through Bolt Torque. We also offer a range of excellent quality hydraulic, pneumatic, manual and electrical bolt tightening services, and the necessary in-house training to fully prepare your team.

Adding to the applications suited to the Hydraulic Tensioning Pumps available through Bolt Torque, these solutions are also applied to tension bolts on turbine blades and to tension bolts on flanges, making your maintenance and safety projects that much simpler. The use of hydraulic pressure to achieve bolt tightening and to tension bolts is thus achieved without challenging mechanical effort, keeping workplace safety and efficiency top of mind. At Bolt Torque, our tool rentals and tool sales benefit clients in sectors that include wind farms, solar farms, mining, construction, oil & gas, turbines and ship repairs.

Our Hydraulic and Pneumatic solutions serve to save you time and money, while all our equipment is not only calibrated in accordance with oil and gas standards, but also calibrated by a trusted third party metrology lab.