Hydraulic Torque Pump

Hydraulic Torque Pump

At Bolt Torque, our varied bolting solutions and bolt torquing and tensioning services and equipment are of unsurpassed quality. Our goal is to provide a range of industries across South Africa with a wide variety of advanced, calibrated and regularly serviced bolting tools and accessories, which ultimately improve the efficiency and safety of your project. Meet all your on-site, industrial and heavy duty operation requirements according to plan and without delay by purchasing or hiring a Hydraulic Torque Pump.

Ideally suited to heavy duty operations within locations that have a high ambient temperature or harsh environment, our range of Hydraulic Torque Pumps have been designed for ease of use, to maximise efficiency through continued and extended operating times. We offer this advanced and compact bolt torquing option that is ergonomically refined, matching many of our clients controlled bolting requirements and operating at long service intervals. At Bolt Torque, all our bolting equipment and bolting tools have been calibrated by a third party metrology lab, in accordance with oil and gas standards. Choose from either an electric or pneumatic motor-driven Hydraulic Torque Pump, based on your intended application.

With a hand control that is sturdy and durable, single tool or multi-tool varieties, the useful incorporation of a compact solenoid valve system and a protective frame design, the use of a Hydraulic Torque Pump ensures consistent productivity, while our team also service our rentals regularly so that they perform optimally every time. Your project can commence at the highest production levels, as the Hydraulic Torque Pump allows up to four torque wrenches to run at the same time, and includes an excellent oil cooling system for maximum use. Where needed, the availability of four tool usage permits equal, parallel closure of flanges and joints.

In order to ensure a one-stop bolt torquing solution to our valued clients, we consider key project factors for the safest and most constructive workplaces. At Bolt Torque, we work with clients specializing in ship repair, wind farms, oil & gas as well as mining, to offer safe and effective bolt tightening and torquing solutions. In addition to servicing, renting and selling Hydraulic Torque Pumps, we also prepare our clients and their teams by offering professional in house training.

Our comprehensive and ultra-reliable Bolt Tightening and Bolt Torquing services can prove vital to the production and safety of your project. For fast, accurate and high quality bolting solutions, contact our Bolt Torque team today.